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Music was my first love – Music without flourishes and eyelets, no overexposed effects or waving arms in the air! The music comes, hard and unfiltered … from the first to the last second!

Born in Bad Driburger, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), DJ DocMove has lived in Hamburg for 13 years. There he produces with his label „Studio68“ Mixes in the genres Techno, Trance and Deep-House. He is an old hand in this business: Since 1986, the 50 year old has been playing in clubs and at various events.

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It all started in 1986, when DocMove was behind the turntables for the first time. Learned on vinyl, hardened in basement gigs up to the small clubs in the neighborhood! The audience grew bigger and the music got faster and harder. From Chicago House to Acid, Trance and Techno.

Vinyl brought the digital age and the possibilities became almost inexhaustible. Suddenly there was more music. The artists became more creative and the mass of publications almost unmanageable. Maintaining an overview and keeping good sounds is the right recipe. Musical influences of Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold and Sven Väth are very well felt in the different sets. His own touch, however, has always been retained by DocMove.

Over 30 years later … the sound is solid, straight and hard! The facets are limitless but the line is clear. The sets of DocMove are full of energy and industrial influences. The speed always fits, the effects are neither over-stretched nor misplaced. Less is more and therefore pure. Own web radio shows and monthly mixes on Mixcloud and Beatport are now part of the portfolio. There are certainly only a few old school DJs who carry their sets so clearly and without frills. You can expect the best. Enjoy it.


Deep-House | Tech-House | Techno

Diskografie 2017

– TranceNation
– DeclarationZero
– TransmissonNine
– HyperactiveLogic
– PressureArea

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